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Love Birds KMASRHCG-82

Love Birds KMASRHCG-82

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You know what they say about love… ‘when you know, you know!’ And these two rings are a great example of a perfect match!

The truth is I chose to sell these two rings as one piece because I couldn’t resist how great they look together, plus it’s not a bad thing to get two for one, right? 

These two, one-off, simple silver bands of hollow construction have a blackened, matte silver finish and feature bezel-set Afghan Tourmalines in dusky green and grey. They can be worn together or on their own, you decide.  

Inside diameter 18.2mm


Bands height (each) 8.2mm

Stones measure 9mm x 7mm and 11mm x 7mm


Every piece will be handmade to order from my Auckland studio so if you want a custom size or colour or would like a similar piece made especially for you, just contact me at

As our pieces are hand-constructed, some variations in shape, and finish are to be expected. As a result, all pieces will be unique. 

Because this is slow fashion, please allow 2-4 weeks for a piece to be made, plus postage time. But in case of urgency please send me an email and I’ll do my best to accommodate your needs. 


Care Instructions

We recommend treating handcrafted jewellery with love at all times by avoiding contact with perfume, chlorine, skin creams, sea water, and perspiration. Note that all sterling silver, gold and brass might tarnish over time. We suggest storing your jewellery in the provided packaging containing an anti-tarnish pillow inside.

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