I've always found beauty in the old, the worn and imperfect, in the quirky, and the one-off. Never very good at following conventions, I built XIMENA FERRE for those women and men with busy lifestyles that want to emphasise their individuality with unique, comfortable, and easy to style jewellery.
I design for people that are not followers, but instead they are followed, leaving a mark wherever they go and creating lasting memories in others. Proudly confident and respectfully unapologetic about their sense of style, they appreciate craftsmanship and love jewellery with a distinct aesthetic, which they embrace as a form of self-expression. These women and men embody the essence of XIMENA FERRE.


At XIMENA FERRE, we don't believe in taking ourselves too seriously or conforming to strict styling rules. Our distinct aesthetic is born from an intuitive approach to design, the harmonious blending of beautiful colour pairings, organic textures, and deliberate asymmetry. We draw inspiration from our surroundings, our travels and our everyday life. 

We create unique, timeless and versatile jewellery that is designed to be worn effortlessly on a daily basis. Each piece is sustainably hand-constructed in our Auckland studio.

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