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XF Bead Strand - Aquamarine

XF Bead Strand - Aquamarine

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This is slow fashion—each piece is made by hand and to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your piece to be completed, plus postage time.

Aquamarine, known for its calming pastel blue hue, brings a sense of serenity and emotional balance. Ideal for those who love the colour blue, Aquamarine's benefits extend beyond its aesthetic appeal. Whether worn individually, adorned with a pendant, paired with another strand, or combined with one of our XF Chains, this piece becomes an essential and versatile layering accessory, bringing a touch of sophistication and the soothing influence of Aquamarine to your jewellery collection. 

• Aquamarine knotted on pale blue silk
• 43 cm - 17" long
• Italian hinged silver clasp
• XF signature silver ends with a blackened matte finish

Care Instructions

We recommend treating handcrafted jewellery with love at all times by avoiding contact with perfume, chlorine, skin creams, sea water, and perspiration. Note that all sterling silver, gold and brass might tarnish over time. We suggest storing your jewellery in the provided packaging containing an anti-tarnish pillow inside.

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